What Carport Options Do I Have for a Smaller Yard?

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Having a small yard has its advantages, especially when it comes to lawn mowing season. One thing that may not seem like an advantage is when you get ready to purchase or build a carport. This is especially true if you do not want a carport attached to your home or if you do not have the ability to attach it to your home. Here are a few carport options that you may have for your smaller yard.

Lean-To Carport Storage Shed Combo

One of the more popular options is a lean-to carport and storage shed combo. These combos utilize a small storage shed with an attached carport, giving you storage for both your car and your lawn care items or seasonal holiday items. The benefit of these is that they utilize a small amount of space by giving you two much needed storage devices. The consideration with this option is that most of the carports are designed for smaller vehicles. This means if you have a larger truck or a large SUV, it may not fit either by height or width in the space provided. Ideally, before purchasing this option you will have either viewed a pre-built model or have checked the measurements to ensure it meets your needs.

Pre-Built Awning Carports

A pre-built awning style carport has several advantages for smaller landscapes. One of them is that you can usually find one that fits your size requirements. The other benefit is they can be placed in the location that is best suited for the size of the carport rather than just next to your home. This means if you have a space in the backyard, but not next to your home or at the end of a driveway, you can have the carport placed in the free area.

Steel Barn Buildings

You may not have considered a steel barn building for your smaller landscape, but they can serve multiple purposes. For example, if you are considering a granny flat but also need storage and a carport, these buildings may be ideal. Most offer two sides to the barn, giving it a storage and carport feel or a double carport option. One of these sides can easily be converted into a granny flat, while the other can be safely used as a covered carport. In addition, you can use the loft area that is available in most steel barn buildings to house your storage items. In this case, you have one building that has three uses instead of three separate areas taking up a large amount of an already small space.

These are only three of your carport options for smaller landscapes. If you have the measurements for your landscape or a sketch of the area, consider taking it to your local contractor for pricing and carport options.