New Home Features That Will Get a Home Sold

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If you're having a family home built but know you'll probably sell it for a smaller retirement home once your children are grown or want a new home built as an investment that you can immediately resell, you want to think about features that will appeal to a wide range of potential homebuyers. Note some of the best features to include that will make any new home resalable to the widest pool of potential buyers possible.

1. Central wiring

Central wiring refers to wiring that would support electrical features that a person would want throughout the entire home, such as a stereo system or intercom. Installing the wiring needed for such features while the home is being built will mean less work of having to remove walls in order to run wiring from a central panel to each room of the home, so have this included when you have the home built.

2. Great rooms

Separate dining rooms are typically considered a thing of the past, as families may not entertain with a formal dinner as much as they once did. Instead, friends may be more likely to gather around the big screen TV and munch on snacks, so consider a great room that has the kitchen, eating area, and family room all connected. An open kitchen that flows into these areas can mean easier food prep for such gatherings and makes it easier for mom and dad to keep an eye on the kids as they prepare family meals as well.

3. Extra bathrooms

Adding extra bathrooms in a home means more comfort and convenience for everyone, so consider where you can tuck away an extra lavatory in a new home design. Not every bathroom in the home needs a full shower or tub, and you can usually fit a powder room in a space no larger than a closet. Add the baths at the end of a hallway or away from the main living area for maximum privacy and maximum resale value of a home.

4. Windows

People typically like lots and lots of sunlight in a home, so add windows to every space possible; skylights are also a good choice for small rooms or those inside the home without an exterior wall. They're also good for bathrooms where privacy is a concern or for areas where you know a home will need some added ventilation and air circulation. Don't skimp on the windows with your new home design, but put in as many as possible to make a new home bright and airy and very welcoming.