3 Signs You Should Fit a Galley Kitchen In Your New Home

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Galley kitchens seem to have experienced something of a fall from grace in recent years, with many homeowners preferring a larger, more open kitchen that can become the social hub of their home. Be that as it may, galley kitchens still possess a number of benefits, and they are still perfect for different purposes.

Here are just three signs that you should ask your new home builder to install a galley kitchen during your build.

1. You're Working with Restricted Space

It could be that you're building your new home out in the country with an unlimited budget, in which case you probably won't need to worry too much about running out of space. However, building with not much room to spare will make a galley kitchen more advantageous. Since galley kitchens run with countertops on either side of a wall to create a corridor-like kitchen, they can fit into very small spaces. At the same time, the countertop space and storage space created by using two walls means that galley kitchens offer plenty of storage, so you'll get more cookware into quite a small area of the house without issue.

2. You're Not Interested in a Kitchen Dinner

Nowadays, it has become more popular to combine the kitchen and the dining room into one large room. People often do this to create one large social space in which they can both cook and eat, and larger kitchens will tend to work better with such designs. However, it could be that you'd prefer to keep your cooking and eating spaces separate. If so, it's usually better to keep the kitchen small so you can create a larger and more inviting dining room. Additionally, separating the two rooms allows you to make the dining room into a more formal area.

3. You Use a Lot of Appliances

In many ways, galley kitchens are the best type for people who really like to cook since they put so much countertop space at your disposal, all of which can be accessed very easily. One of the most compelling advantages that comes along with that increase in countertop space across two walls is being able to fit a lot of appliances. In general, you'll want to keep your kitchen appliances out of the way and yet still quick and easy to access, so up against the wall is your best bet. Thanks to the layout of a galley kitchen, you can easily accommodate a huge range of appliances in quite a small space.