Top Reasons Why Timber Wall Frames Are So Popular in the Building Construction World

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Successful construction contractors will tell you that the type of materials used in a construction project has a big impact on the end results. One of the top-rated products on the construction market right now is timber wall frames. These high-quality, prefabricated timber wall panels are so popular because of the many perks they can provide users. If you are looking forward to building a new house with timber wall frames, you should have a general idea of what you stand to gain.

Faster construction times

As opposed to traditional timber framing where all the installation work is done from scratch at the construction site, timber wall frames are delivered onsite in ready-to-erect condition. No taking measurements, no cutting material – builders simply have to fit together the various wall assembly parts as per manufacturer's specifications, so installation work can be completed in record time. Heavy lifting equipment such as cranes may be used to easily and quickly lift and move the different panels into position. Aside from that, installation of timber wall frames is relatively unaffected by bad weather, e.g. when it is raining. Hence, there is less risk of project delays due to unfavourable weather.

Green construction

By using timber wall frames, you can bolster the energy rating of your home a great deal. This is because timber is a natural heat insulator that will prevent heat gain or loss in your home so that you do not have to overwork your HVAC appliances. By reducing the need to constantly run these appliances, timber wall frames can drive monthly electricity down by a significant extent. 

When sourced from managed forest plantations, timber material is considered to be a 'green' building material because its supply can be replenished by simply planting more trees to replace the ones felled. What is more, timber has a lower embodied energy as compared to alternative materials such as concrete and steel – embodied energy is the total amount of energy used to manufacture a construction material.

Various cladding possibilities

The good thing with timber wall frames is that you are not limited to wood finishes alone – these wall panels allow you to give your exteriors the finish that you want. The wall panels act as inner walls, whose exteriors can be cladded in brick, weatherboard, steel plating, fibre cement, etc. The cladding is meant to provide weather protection, but also enhance the exterior appearance of the building.