Trenchless Drilling Services: How to Find a Suitable Service Provider

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Trenchless drilling is a type of subsurface construction that eliminates the need to dig trenches on the ground when constructing underground infrastructure such as subsurface tunnels for pipelines. The drilling method has become quite common in civil engineering as well as construction industries.

Below is a simple procedure an individual can utilize to find a suitable trenchless drilling service company.

•    First, determine the kind of trenchless drilling service you need

Before hiring any trenchless drilling service provider, it is essential to determine what you need from them. Trenchless drilling gets utilized for various reasons which include, but are not limited to, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), horizontal auger boring, pipe ramming and jacking for installing pipelines and underground cables.

Other types of trenchless drilling services may include trenchless rehabilitation which commonly gets used in replacing underground pipes.

Once you have determined your needs, look for some contractors reputed for what you need. You can search online for contractors who specialize in the kind of trenchless drilling you require, or you can get recommendations from individuals and companies who have utilized the same types of drilling service in the past.

Trenchless drilling services are quite technical and relatively expensive works, and thus, you do not want to hire a novice company to avoid costly issues during or after the boring.

•    Demand to see each contractor's license and insurance

Once you have a list of potential trenchless drilling contractors, get in touch with them for a preliminary interview. For each potential candidate, ask them to provide a valid license to ensure that they are registered with the relevant authorities and associations so that you do not hire a quack company.

Additionally, make sure they have insurance against any liabilities that could arise from the drilling process. For instance, if the underground tunnel collapses causing damage to a third party's property on the surface, you will not be liable to pay for the damages if the contractor is well insured.

•    Consider the level of expertise and equipment used in drilling

For any contractor, their level of specialization is vital. Make inquiries into how long each contractor has been in business and also ask them to provide proof of other projects that are similar to yours they have done in the past. Get in touch with each company's previous clients to inquire about their work ethic, professionalism and adherence to timelines.

Additionally, demand to see the trenchless drilling equipment they use.

Give preference to the contractors with the most experience in the industry as well as the most modern drilling equipment.

•    Finally, ask the contractors to provide price estimates and timelines

Asking for price estimates will help you to determine, on average, how much the drilling will cost so as to assess your budget. It is vital to note that the contractor with the lowest price isn't typically the best choice.

Also, ask the contractors to provide a timeline in which they can complete the work in case you need to meet a given deadline.

Finally, pick a contractor with the most experience, latest drilling equipment, reasonable prices and one who can complete the job within your preferred timeline.