Various interior floor finishes you can apply on concrete floors

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For many home designers, owners and contractors who deal with commercial concreting all over the world, concrete floors offer remarkable design versatility. In addition to staining or colouring floors, you can also choose specific finishes like marble, slate, or tile to match the design and style of the house. The beauty of concrete floors can be enhanced by adding decorative custom graphics, stencilled borders and even attaching medallions. Concrete floors are the only flooring material that will offer you this unconstrained selection of design opportunities. There are numerous types of interior floor finishes that you can apply on concrete floors such as staining, stencilling, painting, polishing and metallic epoxy, just to name a few.  

I. Staining

Concrete staining technique is one of the most beautiful finishes that can be done on a concrete floor. Staining conveys a luxurious and unique richness to the floor that cannot be attained by other colouring materials in the market. This is achieved by the stain penetrating the concrete and fusing the concrete with its varying luminous and translucent tones. The stain's final result will depend on the application technique and the type of surface the stain is applied to. This technique can be applied to plain, old or new concrete floors, as it is effective for invigourating dull and lacklustre surfaces. Since the stain can penetrate the floor, it leads to high wear resistance and exceptional UV stability, which increases the quality of the floor.  

II. Stencilling

The stencilling design is another interior floor finish that has been in use for over a decade now. This technique employs the use of stencils, which offer an endless assortment of custom and standard floor patterns. It is highly used by many homeowners, as it caters to their specific design requirements and also significantly enhances the quality and appearance of the floor. Since it does not require complex machines, it is one of the most economical concrete finishes that produces high-quality and attractive finishes.

III. Painting

Painting concrete floors is a commonly used technique for changing the colour or appearance of the floor. The flooring paints mostly consist of stains or dyes that are specifically formulated to be used for concrete floors. They are applied on the floor to achieve a semi-translucent or opaque colour effect. Tinted sealers, concrete dyes, and water-based stains are the painting materials used to achieve the best results on a concrete floor.