Critical Information Existing Homeowners Can Get from Building Inspection Reports

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There is a general misconception among Australian homeowners that residential building inspections are only required for houses that are up for sale. This is far from the truth. Even existing building owners need building inspection service every now and then so they can know the general condition of their structures. Usually, a building inspector will provide their client with a report at the end of the building inspection exercise. Here's how this type of report can benefit you as a homeowner.

It will disclose potential safety hazards.

You love your family, and you will do anything to keep them safe all the time. But you might not be aware that there is danger lurking right within your home. A building inspection is designed to identify any structural defects that can compromise the safety of your building, and put your loved ones in harm's way. Some of the safety hazards that your inspector can reveal in their report is faulty electrical wiring, leaky gas supply pipes, presence of friable asbestos material, decaying timber roof trusses, cracking concrete walls, large gaps between staircase railings, weak balustrades, and so on. They will even go on to make recommend repairs or remedies for the problems, so as to eliminate those safety risks. As a result, a building inspection report can help you prevent potential accidents in the home before catastrophe strikes!

It will indicate the extent of repair and restoration work needed.

A building inspector not only highlights the structural defects in your structure, but also gives a detailed explanation of the extent of repair work that will have to be performed to fix the problem. Let's say you have water stains or spots showing on your ceiling, for example. A building inspector will not merely state that you have a leaky roof, but will perform a more thoroughly inspection of your roof to determine the extent of water damage. They can even give you cost estimates of how much the repair work will cost. This way, you can have a clue about how much money you will need to pay your roofer. 

As you can clearly see from the above-discussed points, building inspections are critical for every existing home, whether it is up for sale or not. By implementing the recommendations included in your building inspection report, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is safe, and that your home is in good structural condition.