Preparing for an Engineering Survey: 5 Steps

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If you are planning to construct a new building on a plot of land, you will first have to have an engineering survey carried out. Below is a guide to 5 things you can do to help the survey go as smoothly as possible.

Identify pipelines, roads and other fixed points of orientation

While a survey will normally rely on geodesic coordinates, this is not the only option available. If you wish, the engineer can use pipelines, roads or other fixed points when mapping the site. You can help the engineer by identifying and marking these locations before they arrive to begin work.

Secure the site

The engineer will use a number of different markers such as wooden posts, flags and tape to mark out different areas of the land. Once these markers are in place, it is important that they are not disturbed. If they are disturbed, it could lead to incorrect calculations and information being included in the survey. Before the engineer begins the survey, you should ensure that site is fully secure. This will prevent unauthorised people from disturbing any markers.

Identify structures you wish to preserve

If the site features existing buildings or other structures, you should decide which of these you wish to preserve. The engineer will be able to carry out an inspection of these buildings before advising you of their condition. The engineer will also be able to advise you of the amount of work required and the associated cost for keeping them or getting rid of them. Identifying these structures in advance will help to speed up the survey process.

Consider the locations where equipment will be stored

Before the survey is completed, you should establish where construction equipment will be stored. Depending on how they wish to conduct the survey, the engineer may require access to certain areas of the site. If you park heavy equipment in these locations, it could make the survey difficult to complete. 

Prepare any questions

Before the engineer who is carrying out the survey arrives, you should think about any questions you wish to ask them. It can be very easy to forget on the day of the survey. By writing down any questions in advance, you can be sure the survey is a complete success.

If you would like to find out more about how engineers conduct on-site surveys, you should contact a construction survey company today. The staff will be happy to discuss your needs and visit your construction site before carrying out any work.