Key Factors That Contribute to the Total Cost of a Demolition Project

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When choosing a demolition contractor, the amount charged for the work is a key determinant. However, some demolition companies charge low rates probably because their work quality is inferior or they will omit extra services such as site clearance and cleanup of the debris.

Hence, it is essential to understand the various factors that contribute to the overall cost of a demolition, so as to be able to determine whether a contractor is overcharging you to earn a few extra dollars or their cheap rates are an indicator of shoddy work.

Below are the main factors that demolition contractors account for when they hand you a price estimate.

•    How big is the building?

It is common sense that the larger the building, the more the demolition will cost. A large building; for instance, a skyscraper, requires many workers as well as various demolition equipment. Additionally, if the company will provide clean up services, they will charge extra for the enormous amounts of debris they have to clear.

In most cases, demolition contractors calculate the total area of the building in square feet or square meters and multiply it by the fixed price they charge per unit area.

•    The location of the demolition

For demolition to commence, destruction equipment has to get delivered to the building site. Demolition companies often hire heavy haulage companies to haul the machines, and as a result, the transportation costs get transferred to the individual or organization that ordered the demolition. In case you are wondering, the price quotation provided by the demolition contractor has these charges listed as transportation costs.

•    Employee wages and the duration of the job

Depending on the size of the demolition project, the contractor will determine the number of workers to use. Remember, most contractors charge hourly wages for their employees. Hence, for instance, if a demolition project has been estimated to take five days and the contractor sees it fit to assign five workers for the project. Let's say the employees will work for an average of eight hours a day.

Hence the total wage bill = hourly wage X no. of hours worked per day X total number of days worked

•    Presence of asbestos

If a building got built earlier than 1990, it is highly likely that asbestos is present. If unsure of the presence of asbestos, the demolitions company can provide an asbestos inspection as part of their reconnaissance of the building before demolition commences.

Because asbestos is hazardous to human health, demolition companies charge extra. You could say the additional cost of asbestos removal is warranted because the removal process requires particular types of equipment for containing the asbestos. Additionally, the contractor will get burdened with transporting and safely disposing of the hazardous material.