Creating a welcoming cellar door shop front in your winery

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More and more wineries are looking at ways to get creative and connect with their customers. Customers don't just seek out the taste of the wines, but also like to know the story of how the wine in produced and the care and art that goes into that production. A welcoming cellar door can be a great way to connect with customers and explain the history and philosophy of your vineyard. 

Bring in the light

Wineries tend to be a little dark, which is great for preserving the wines but can be uninviting. When considering which part of the property would best for your cellar door, look for a corner where the contractor can let in some natural light to help make the area more appealing to customers. A shop fitter can help you find a balance of warm and inviting light that keeps the character of your winery while encouraging people to linger and try the wines. 

Reflect your history

Even if the winery has not been in the family for many generations, it can be great to show some pictures of the winery as it got started, as well as during different seasons of the year. These pictures can add visual interest to the area and creates a story of how much work is behind each bottle of wine. If you don't have any pictures on hand, try asking the local library or history centre who can often help you to locate local papers or newsletters that may have some useful information.

Keep on theme

As much as possible, try to let everything in the winery reflect the theme of your wines. By serving wine in logo-ed cups, and tapas on logo-ed plates you can continually reinforce your brand. Why not try selling products that are made of your old wine barrels, such as cheeseboards and wooden handled knives? These items can be a great supplement to your wine income.

You should also make sure that the furnishings are in theme and suitable, comfortable and rustic, making this feel like a genuine place to enjoy a well crafted wine. 

Shop fitters can help to create a cohesively themed, welcoming wine cellar to attract customers into your winery and help them experience your unique products. If you would like some specific advice on how you can transform your existing space into a cellar door, you should contact an experienced shop fitting firm.