Tips to Keep Your Stormwater Drains in Topnotch Working Condition

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Because you usually stay indoors when starts raining, you can easily overlook the important job your residential stormwater drainage system performs ā€“ your residential stormwater drainage helps direct several gallons of stormwater out of your property when there is heavy downpour. Failing to make sure this drainage system is properly maintained can lead to flooding on your property. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not understand the importance of making sure their stormwater drains have good flow. They wait until the drains are overflowing to realise that something is wrong. By then, the flooding could have potentially caused extensive damage to their properties. 

Properly maintaining your stormwater drainage system will ensure you get efficient service from it, especially during the rainy months of the year. Here is a useful guide you can follow to avoid clogging problems in your drains when you need them to channel stormwater out of your home.

Prevent debris from entering your drains

As mentioned earlier, your storm drains are specially intended to direct stormwater run-off and nothing more out of your property. The problem with many homeowners is that they allow all sorts of unwanted waste to enter their storm drains. Leaves, grass clippings, paper bags, small branches and other rubbish lying in the yard and garden can easily be carried into storm drains on rainy days. If not kept out, the debris can get trapped inside the drains and build up into a huge heap over time. Therefore, it is a good idea to install stormwater drainage grates to help prevent large debris from going into the drains. Make sure to remove any debris caught on top of the grates after it stops raining.

Regularly clean your drains

While you can block large debris from going into your stormwater drains, there's little to nothing you can do to stop sediment from accumulating inside the drains. Stormwater can move soil and small rocks from your yard and garden into your storm drain system. Over time, the sediment can build up and start to obstruct proper flow. To prevent this from happening, regular cleaning service is critical. All you need is to contact a company that specialises in stormwater drain cleaning, and ask them for a quote. They will send staff over to your property to assess the condition of your stormwater drain before giving you with a cost estimate for your cleaning and any other service you might require to keep your drain working properly.