3 Noises That Tell You Your Restaurant Fridge Has a Problem

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You can't afford not to have refrigeration in your restaurant kitchen. So, you need to keep an eye on your fridges to ensure that they work right all of the time.

While some faults are obvious — they stop the fridge from doing its job — others take a while to get to a serious stage. Sometimes, you can spot these problems early because your refrigerator makes unusual noises. Which sounds tell you that your fridge might need a repair?

1. Loud Humming Noises

All fridges hum. You hear a low-level humming sound most of the time when the fridge is on. However, this sound shouldn't be that loud or intrusive. If your fridge starts to hum really loudly, then it might be telling you that it has a problem.

This sound often comes from the unit's compressor. If this part gets dirty or clogged up with dust, then it makes more noise as it runs. Sometimes, a loud hum is a sign that the compressor has a more serious problem. In either case, a faulty compressor needs help quickly. It will overheat if it clogs up or has a fault. If it gets too hot or loses a vital connection, then it will break down.

2. Rattling Noises

Refrigerators sometimes make rattling noises after you have moved them. Even a small change in position can make this happen. For example, a fridge might rattle if its sides now touch something close to it like a wall. Or, if you moved the fridge and didn't adjust its legs at the same time, then the fridge makes this noise because it isn't standing evenly.

If you haven't moved the fridge, then rattling usually tells you that you have a loose part. For example, the unit's drain pan might have worked itself loose or moved out of its normal position.

3. Rhythmic Noises

If your refrigerator's fan has a problem, then it might start to make rhythmic noises. You might hear a grinding, scraping or knocking sound. Sometimes, you hear a sound like playing cards slapping together.

This usually means that the fan isn't running smoothly. It might be obstructed by something that has got caught in its blades. Or, a blade might have bent or broken. As well as unusual noises, you should also listen out for silence. A fridge that doesn't make any noise at all is potentially in a bad way.

For more advice, call out a commercial fridge repair professional.