Principle Elements to Discuss With a Bathroom Renovation Contractor for a Successful Project

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Bathrooms have come a long way from simply being a utilitarian space in the home. Over the years, more and more people are realising the importance of transforming this room into a sanctuary for relaxation. However, to curate the bathroom of your dreams, there are two main factors to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to hire a bathroom renovation contractor who will be capable of bringing your vision to life.

Secondly, you need to know the fundamentals of your dream bathroom. While this sound like an abstract concept, the reality is that you can identify several areas to improve upon that will help revamp the entire space. If you are looking for some inspiration, keep reading for a few principal elements to discuss with your bathroom renovation contractor so you can have a successful project.

Evaluate your primary intention for the bathroom

Before you can engage in a bathroom renovation, it is fundamental that you discern the main purpose of the space. Admittedly, bathrooms are primarily used for hygiene. However, your intent for your master bathroom would be vastly different from that of a guest bathroom. Thus, by knowing how this room will be used daily, you get to establish the changes you would like to make.

A powder room, for example, would benefit from a vanity if it did not have one before. On the other hand, a master ensuite would benefit from a full bath so that you can enjoy a spa-like experience whenever you want. By discussing this with your bathroom renovation contractor beforehand, you will have an idea of what features to incorporate during the project.

Take the square footage of the room into account

A blunder that some homeowners make when engaging in a bathroom remodel is try to integrate as many new accessories and utilities as they can afford without keeping the available space in mind. As a result, they either end up with an unfinished bathroom remodel or end up spending much more than they had anticipated since additional floor space needs to be created, perhaps by knocking down a wall or two.

If you are not keen on engaging in structural changes to this space, it is best to determine which changes will be feasible based on the square footage available. For example, rather than adding a bathtub to a cramped bathroom, you could opt for expanding your shower enclosure and using glass shower screens to create the illusion of additional space.

Other elements you can discuss with your bathroom renovation contractor for a successful project include how best to enhance the ventilation in the space, increase natural lighting through the use of solar tubes and so on.