Why Traffic Control Services Are Becoming More Important For Construction Sites

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Construction is going on constantly in all major metropolitan areas of Australia, and even in some of the more rural and regional towns, it feels like there is always a new project underway. If you are a site foreman or manager, you have a lot on your plate when organising each new build, so it is easy to forget just how crucial traffic control services are until it's too late and you have to rush to get some professional help. Here are a few reasons why you should include traffic control services from much earlier on in your planning process for your next construction project.

Site Surveying

Before you even attempt to begin a construction project, it is vital that a traffic control service is given a few days, or even a week (depending on the busyness of an area) to carry out holistic site surveillance. That means taking into account everything from the pedestrians to the busy times of the day, to the type of traffic you can expect. This way you will have a properly staffed traffic control crew on site every day, and there will be specific measures in place to aid you in your conditions, e.g. detour routes, proper signage, notices for nearby residences and so on.

Engaging With Deliveries

Traffic control services do not just help with the flow of normal traffic, but rather they play a key role in getting deliveries unloaded and out of your site as quickly as possible. This means there is less congestion and you have the ability to quickly and safely put these materials to use. Trying to get massive trucks and semi-trailers into a densely populated construction site is no easy job, and you need proper allowances for the turning circle and weight of every vehicle to ensure there are no accidents.

Dealing With Legal Requirements

You may not realise this but there are different legal requirements for how many people you need in your traffic control team depending on where you are and what you are building. Of course, that is not your job to be on top of, but it is nice to know that you are hiring a professional crew that will take care of this and make sure that all proper legal guidelines are followed, with no exceptions. This gives you the chance to focus on more pressing matters, such as getting your own construction crew ready and stocked.