How to Make a Quirky New Commercial Establishment Accessible

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When you plan to open a new restaurant or another retail establishment, you need to pay attention to detail so that you can build a good reputation, set yourself apart from your competition and show that you care. This can be easier said than done, but if your new place is set over more than one storey or presents a challenge to disabled people as they try to enter, you will surely need to consider a lift. What factors do you need to remember as you work on your drawing board and seek to make a difference?

Working with the Unusual

Some people in your situation will want to take advantage of an existing structure with unique appeal or charm, and that may certainly be 'non-standard' from an architectural point of view. For example, they may use an older building that is elevated from ground level, and that may feature steps upon entry to add character.

External Accessibility

When you find yourself in this situation, you need to think about accessibility and remember that rules are laid down that relate to disabled access to premises. In this case, you may not have the room to add a ramp that a wheelchair could access, so you should think about putting in a passenger lift for this section instead. Always work with experienced installers to ensure that your lift complies with the various regulations.

Internal Accessibility

In addition, if your facility is spread over more than one floor, an internal lift will also be needed. Don't forget to place the control mechanisms and emergency buttons in such a position that somebody in a wheelchair can reach them.

Making It Easy for Staff

Some restaurants feature a kitchen in the basement, while other retail facilities have storage rooms below. While these may not be accessible to the public, you might want to install a lift that connects these levels in any case. After all, if your workforce is frequently having to carry awkward objects or heavy items up and down a given flight of stairs, there is certainly an elevated risk of falling or injury. A lift will make it a lot easier for your staff, and they'll be less tired in any given shift if you install one instead.

Addressing the Challenge

No matter how different your new premises are, you can always overcome obstacles. Make it easier for staff and visitors by installing a lift. Discuss your challenge with professional lift installation experts, and they will help you come up with a plan.

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