What Are the Differences Between Semi-Framed and Frameless Glass Pool Fences?

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If you've decided to install glass fencing around your pool, then you have to choose whether to go with a semi-framed or frameless design. What are the differences between these two options? Which one should you choose?

What Is Semi-Framed Glass Pool Fencing?

Semi-framed glass pool fencing uses a series of support posts to hold your glass panels. Typically, you insert vertical aluminium or steel posts into or onto the ground. You then attach the glass panels to these posts to build the fence. So, each panel will have a holding post on either of its sides.

What Is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

Frameless glass pool fencing doesn't use vertical support posts. Here, your glass panels attach to supports on the ground. You attach the bottom of each panel to one or more supports. The sides of the panels don't need any more support than this.

How to Choose Between Semi-Framed and Frameless Glass Fences

Both semi-framed and frameless glass pool fences have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice of style will come down to the following factors.


If you want a completely clear view of your pool, then frameless fencing is the best option. These fences don't have any support posts between their panels, so you get a seamless wall of glass with maximum visibility. Semi-framed designs still give good visibility; however, you will be able to see the posts between each panel.


Both semi-framed and frameless pool fences should use glass that meets national quality standards. So, either option should be safe.

However, some people find that semi-framed fences are less of an accident hazard. For example, if you have young children or pets running around your pool and garden, then they might not notice a frameless fence. They could run into it. They are more likely to be aware of a semi-framed fence because they can see its posts.


Semi-framed glass fences are typically cheaper than frameless fences. The support you get from the fence posts in a framed design means that you can use thinner glass panels. Each panel has support from both sides to hold it in place. Frameless glass panels have to be thicker because they are only supported at the base. If you have to buy thicker panels, then your costs will increase.

To learn more about glass fencing options, contact pool fence suppliers. They can help you choose and install the right design for your pool.