The Advantages Of Waterline Tiles For Fibreglass Pools

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If you have decided to have a swimming pool built for your home, a fibreglass pool is probably the most cost-effective option.  There are plenty of different off-the-peg sizes and shapes to choose from or you could take the designer route if the space you have available for your pool is non-standard.

There are different colours to choose from too and you can also opt to have waterline tiles included in the design.  Waterline tiling will add slightly to the cost of the build, so what's the point and are waterline tiles really necessary?

Read on to find out why you might want to consider having waterline tiles added to your fibreglass designer pool.

Ageing and fading

Although fibreglass pools have a pretty long life expectancy, time can affect their looks.  A combination of pool chemicals and the sun will eventually cause a fade line to appear around the edge of the pool, and this line will become more noticeable when the water level drops.

Floating debris, body oils, suntan lotion and general everyday dirt will eventually stick to the walls of the pool along the water line, leaving a grubby tide line that doesn't look good at all.  The longer the tide mark is left in place, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it and some staining can become permanent.  This means that you will need to clean your pool frequently to keep it looking nice.

Advantages of waterline tiles

Waterline tiling around your pool is a great way to personalise it and effectively gets rid of the dreaded 'bath tub' look that you can often get with non-tiled fibreglass pools.  You can choose the style of tiles that you want and have them installed on site.  One advantage of having waterline tiles installed on site is that the tiles can be fitted so that they are perfectly level before the pool deck is installed.

Waterline tiles will prevent fading and will keep your pool looking great for much longer.  Tiles are also much easier to clean than plain fibreglass.  This makes maintenance of the pool much more straightforward and quicker, leaving you more time to spend enjoying your pool with family and friends.

If you are having a fibreglass pool build and installed in your garden, you should consider having waterline tiles included in the project.  Ask designer pool builders for more information about the range of tiles that are available.