3 Top Benefits of Laminate Flooring that New Homeowners Must Know

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The problem with many flooring types is that most are expensive to install, or you have to break the bank if you want them to remain in tip-top shape. Therefore, if you want a flooring alternative that can save you money and last long, then laminate flooring should be your top priority. Laminate also offers you both functionality and style, which are a plus for you considering that most floor types only offer one benefit. Here are some top advantages of laminate flooring that potential buyers should look out for.

Super-fast Installation and Sub floor Preparation -- Installing laminate flooring is easy compared to other flooring types such as tiles and concrete. Before installing a laminate floor, all you need is to prepare the sub floor. Also, you can install the laminate on top of another floor such as wood or concrete. Ensure that the existing floor or sub floor is dry and leveled. During installation, the planks fit seamlessly without the need of an adhesive because of their tongue and groove pattern. The benefit of the seamless fitting is that it offers you a cheap alternative to expanding your flooring when and if you want.

Durability and Versatility -- Most flooring types are susceptible to elements such as stains, the sun, and scratches, which damage the flooring, leaving a hideous floor. Laminate flooring is resistant to these elements and can save you money in the end by reducing the costs of repair and maintenance. Similarly, the laminate can withstand high pressure and temperature because of its strong central panel and the exterior melamine plastic. You can also install laminate flooring anywhere in your house where the floor is not prone to water damage. Moreover, new designs of laminate currently in the market can be tailored to match your interior, depending on your style and preferences such as color and texture.

The Simplicity of Cleaning -- One top priority that most homeowners consider before installing any flooring is the simplicity of cleaning. With laminate flooring, cleaning is as easy as it is enjoyable since you do not have to purchase special commercial cleansers. A combo of vinegar and water will work wonders as it removes all the stubborn stains, debris, and grime. Alternatively, you can wash with a mild soap, which is harmless to the flooring. Always ensure that the rag you are using as a mop is damp but not wet since stagnant water and laminate floors are not the best of friends.

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