Renovate, Recycle Rejoice! How to Keep Your Old Sink, Toilet and Bathtub out of Landfills

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A 2016 survey by discovered that 1 in 4 Australians planned to renovate their home within the year. That amounts to over 5 million Aussies. The problem with so many renovations in such a short space of time is waste. Australia already produces the second highest amount of municipal waste per person in the world in spite of only having the 55th largest population.

As a proud Aussie then, you should do all you can to recycle rather than waste. One way of doing that is to recycle as you renovate your home. If you are planning a bathroom renovation in the coming days or weeks, consider recycling your bathtub, sink and toilet instead of throwing them out.

It's better that they end up in your garden or living room than a landfill.

Recycling Your Bathtub

If you are hiring a skip bin for your household renovations, a bathtub will take up an unhealthy portion of your available space. However, your old bathtub need never leave your property. Instead you can put it to good use as a:

Recycling Your Toilet

Yes, it is hard to imagine what you might do with an old toilet, but a little imagination can go a long way. For example, if your toilet is made of porcelain, and you are a lover of garden gnomes, that beautiful, shiny porcelain can create a unique gnome path. Simply break the toilet up with a mallet or hammer and you'll have more than enough porcelain to create a path or mosaic in your garden.

Your toilet bowl can also serve as a good place from which to grow plants. If you opt for the climbing kind, such as a climbing wedge pea, your old toilet could serve as a great vertical structure. Once in full bloom, your toilet will look and smell better than it ever has!

Recycling Your Sink

If you love nature, you probably love birds. Keep your old sink out of a landfill site by turning it into a birdbath. Deep basins can be filled with stones so they aren't too deep. You can even turn your old sink into a planter, opting again for climbing plants. If you're an avid gardener and a plumber, you could also reuse your old sink in your garden as a place where you can wash your hands after gardening.

You can reuse and recycle more than just your bathroom waste. Anything that has space to hold something can be turned into some kind of storage unit, whether it is for plants or beer. Recycling waste from your renovation in this manner, not only keeps it from landfills, but also means that there will be more room in your skip bin. For more information on recycling, contact a skip bin company that offers recycling services.