A Few Important Tips for Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home

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The patio doors you choose for your home are very important, as they need to insulate your home against what is probably a very large opening, not block the view of the outside and work easily to accommodate foot traffic in and out of this area. You have many options from which to choose, including the style, design and material, so note a few tips to remember so you're sure to opt for the right patio doors for your home.

1. To preserve the view

French doors leading out onto the patio can look very stately and traditional and may enhance the view to the inside. The standard curved handles of French doors can add a nice touch to the inside and outside of the space. However, note that many French doors come with panelled panes, meaning small panes of glass that form the panel of the door. This can interfere with the view to the outside when the doors are closed. French doors may also need thick frames to keep them secure, and this too can interfere with the view. Sliding stacker doors can use very thin frames or come with no frame around the glass panels at all, keeping an open view to your patio area.

2. Foot traffic

Hinged doors that swing open and closed may not get in the way of foot traffic in a larger space, but note if you have furniture very close to the patio doors. Keeping the doors open so that people can easily come and go or so that you get lots of fresh air from the patio area can mean having the doors in the way of foot traffic; you may not even have room to keep the doors open. Note the space for walking around hinged doors when they're open, and be sure you have enough space, or consider sliding doors instead.

3. Material

Wood frames insulate well and can be repainted by the homeowner for when you want a fresh look to your patio doors, but wood can hold moisture and then warp. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and won't hold moisture like wood, so aluminium doors won't warp or hold mould and mildew. PVC frames are very lightweight and can be stamped to look like painted wood. Both aluminium and PVC may also be more secure than wood as it's difficult to bend either of these off a track or a hinge, so an intruder is less likely to break into a home with an aluminium or PVC patio door.