Scenarios that Benefit from Vinyl Cladding for a Home

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Vinyl cladding has plenty of valuable attributes, including that it's lightweight and relatively economical. It also offers many choices in colours and profiles. Some scenarios, in particular, benefit from vinyl cladding systems. Here are several.

Home Extension

Are you building an extension on your home? If so, vinyl cladding is ideal as it can be fitted to both new buildings and existing homes. Thus, you can integrate the old and new sections of the house with uniform cladding. It can be installed over the cladding of the older areas and over the structural framework of the new parts. On the existing areas, you'll benefit from a double layer of cladding that will keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You can also opt for vinyl cladding with an insulated backing for the newly built areas.

Second Storey Upkeep

Another time you may want to consider vinyl cladding is if the second storey of your house is looking old and dishevelled. Vinyl needs virtually no upkeep, making it perfect for high spots that are hard to access. Otherwise, you may need scaffolding and/or a ladder to maintain less resilient materials. For example, timber requires regular refinishing and painting. With vinyl, you'll avoid expensive and dangerous upkeep. Additionally, vinyl is lightweight, so it's easier to hoist to the second floor and install than heavier options.

New House Building Costs

If you want to keep the cost of a new house in check, you could consider vinyl cladding. You could use it for the entire house or alternatively, for select parts of the facade. Then you could build more expensive feature sections. For example, you could construct an accent wall area using stone veneer. Other parts could be covered with vinyl, which comes in various colours, to build a balanced kerb view. Alternatively, you could construct a two-storey house with brick external walls on the bottom floor and vinyl cladding on the upper ones.

Older Brick House

Vinyl cladding is also perfect for updating old brick external walls. As vinyl is lightweight, it's less likely to cause structural issues if laid over the bricks than bulkier cladding. You'll be able to totally transform your house. As well as different weatherboard profiles, vinyl cladding systems come in blocks and other designs, allowing you to create different looks. It flatters both traditional and modern houses.

The vinyl will shield the brickwork from the elements and slow its deterioration. The alternative may be expensive brickwork restoration later on. The mortar between bricks can crumble away over the years, destabilising the walls unless fixed. You'll avoid such issues, though, if you protect the walls with vinyl cladding.